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[edit] Overview

The Camera has two methods for viewing what is being recorded as well as accessing the Camera Settings: the viewfinder and the LCD Screen.

[edit] Viewfinder

IMG 2029r.jpg

  • Attached to the top of the Camera is the Viewfinder that allows the user to see what is within viewing range of the Lens. This will only function if the LCD Screen is completely closed.

[edit] LCD Screen

IMG 2028r.jpg

  • The LCD Screen is located on the left side of the Camera.
  • It is locked in place by a small latch with the word OPEN above it. Push the latch in the direction that the arrow points to open the LCD Screen. This will automatically turn on the LCD Viewpoint while simultaneously deactivating the Viewfinder.

IMG 2034r.jpg

[edit] Information

  • The Viewfinder contains various pieces of information regarding the Camera Settings, Lighting Settings, :and Audio Settings. We will briefly examine most of the displayed information.
[edit] Frame Rate

IMG 2030r.jpg

  • This is important only because it tells you how many Frames you're recording per second. The current setting should be 24p (progressive). Generally speaking, this setting should remain the way it is until you're ready to experiment with more advanced filming techniques.
[edit] P2 Cards

IMG 2036r.jpg

  • On the LCD Screen near the top center of the display are 2 white rectangular icons containing a dash in the center.

IMG 2028r A.jpg

  • Both of these icons represent the two numbered P2 Card Slots underneath the main Viewport on the Camera.

IMG 2031r.jpg

IMG 2032r.jpg

  • Once a P2 Card is inserted into one of the slots, the number associated with the slot will replace the white rectangle with a green rectangle, the number of the P2 Card Slot in which the P2 Card was inserted, and the word PAUSE in green letters.
When recording, PAUSE will be replaced with REC (in red). If there is no place for the footage to be stored (P2 Cards or Firewire Devices), PAUSE and REC will not be displayed which means that the Camera will not be able to record any footage.
  • Next to the P2 Card icons, a number will appear; this is the amount of storage on the P2 Cards measured in minutes. The amount shown is a combined value of the two P2 Cards inserted.
The amount of storage available will also be determined by the format in which the Camera is recording.
  • Once a P2 Card is full, the number associated with the slot in which the full P2 Card resides will be replaced with the letter F. Once the letter F is present, that P2 Card may be safely switched out and replaced with another P2 Card.
  • You can learn more about this in the P2 Cards section.
[edit] Battery Power

IMG 2028r B.jpg

  • If a Battery Pack is inserted, this will display how much battery power is left by showing up to four white slanted bars.
Once the Battery Pack is closer to having no charge, the icon will start flashing as a reminder to change the battery.
  • If the Camera is directly plugged into an outlet with the AC Adaptor, the icon will always show a full charge.
[edit] 1394

File:IMG 2028r C.jpg

  • This icon is reserved for external storage devices that use a Firewire connection, such as the Firestore. Once a Firestore is connected, general function icons such as Pause, Stop, and Record will appear, replacing the PAUSE and REC text that appears where the P2 Cards information is displayed.
[edit] Format


  • This section displays the Recording Format that is selected. The Recording Format can be changed in the Camera Settings but it, similar to the Frame Rate, shouldn't be changed until you're ready for more advanced film projects.
[edit] Shutter Speed


  • This represents how fast the Shutter opens and closes while filming. Basically, the greater the fraction, the faster the speed of the Shutter (1/500s is faster than 1/15s). Faster Shutter speeds provide more picture clarity with objects in motion whereas slower Shutter speeds allow for an effect called motion blur.
[edit] Audio Channels

IMG 2028r D.jpg

  • This section represents how loud incoming audio will sound during playback.
  • Visually, the audio bars should consistently peak between the two white bars. You can find out more information about controlling audio in the Audio Controls section.
[edit] Iris Value


  • The Iris is basically a measurement of how wide open the Aperture is in order to let light pass through the Lens. This is represented by an F Value. Basically, a lower F Value equals a wider Aperture which allows more light to pass through the Lens.
[edit] Focus Value

IMG 2028r E.jpg

  • The Focal Depth of the Camera is measured by an AF (Auto Focus) Value or an MF (Manual Focus) Value. These settings can be found on the Focus Panel.
[edit] Zoom Value

IMG 2028r F.jpg

  • The Zoom is represented by a Z range of 00 (wide angle) to 99 (full zoom).
  • Instructions on how to adjust the Zoom can be found here.
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