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The chemistry apparatus RE-5000A rotary evaporator is used to continuously distill a large number of volatile solvents under negative pressure. In particular, the distillation of concentrated liquid and chromatography collection liquid can be separated and purified. Under the condition of reduced pressure, when carries on the solvent distillation, distillation bottle of continuous rotation, retort by smell condenser pipe is connected to the vacuum pump tee or round bottom flask, condenser pipe opening another connection to receive bottles to receive organic solvent evaporation. There is a three-way valve between the condenser tube and the vacuum pump . When the system is connected to the air, remove the distilling bottle and the transfer solvent of the receiver. Before rotating the cylinder, please decompress. Turn off the power before connecting the air to prevent the cylinder from falling off. A constant temperature bath is a heat source of distillation. RE-5000A rotary evaporator also used rotovap as its name, is mainly used in the concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery of medicine, chemical industry and bio-pharmaceutical industries, especially for concentrating and purifying high temperature and easy to decompose substances. Chemistry apparatus RE-5000A rotary evaporator without electronic stepless speed regulation, if you need to speed display, you can choose to use digital display mode of the RE-5000B rotovap machine , you can also choose to RE-5000E rotovap machine, liquid crystal display mode.[1]Media:

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