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[edit] Battery Pack

  • This Camera uses a Panasonic Li-Ion Battery Pack which has a very distinct rectangular shape.

IMG 2017r.jpg

  • The bottom of the Battery Pack (Serial Number side) fits into the Power Terminal.

IMG 2018r.jpg

  • The top has the Panasonic logo and a white arrow pointing towards the side that slides into the Power Terminal.

IMG 2019r.jpg

  • The best way to insert the Battery Pack is to place the bottom against the inside of the Battery Terminal. There is a large white arrow on the camera that shows exactly where the bottom of the Battery Pack connects to the Battery Terminal.

IMG 2020r.jpg

  • Once the Battery Pack is flush against this section of the Camera, simply push the Battery Pack to the left until it snaps into the Battery Terminal.

IMG 2021r.jpg

  • In order to release the Battery Pack, hold the large grey button with the word PUSH on it and an arrow pointing towards the front of the Camera with one finger. Then gently push the Battery Pack away from the Camera with the other hand.

IMG 2023r.jpg

[edit] AC Power

IMG 2025r.jpg

  • This Camera may also be directly plugged into a nearby outlet for a constant supply of power. It comes with a three piece AC Adaptor that provides roughly 13' of length with which to work.
If you place the Battery Pack into the Adaptor Base while it is connected to the Camera, it will not charge.
  • The three pieces are the AC Adaptor Base, the AC Plug (Wall Outlet), and the DC Plug (Camera).


  • 1) Plug the AC (Alternating Current) plug into a nearby outlet and into the AC Adaptor where the AC IN is marked.


  • 2) Plug the DC (Direct Current) plug into the AC Adaptor where 7.9V / DC OUT is marked.


  • 3) Insert the Battery Plate into the Battery Terminal the same way you would with the Battery Pack. The Battery Plate can also be removed in the same way you would remove the Battery Pack.
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