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Alex Wise a life coach and co-founder of Loveawake sent over these tips via his Twitter account. We typically don’t publish third party posts, and we are certainly not endorsing this guy since we don’t know him, but his advice seemed pretty cool these days.

Men and women relationship Your spouse or girlfriend probably will not leave you over trivial things. However, there are things that appear insignificant to men that are, indeed, sensitive to women. One may assume he understands his spouse or girlfriend. Nonetheless, the opposite is true. Many men fail to understand women. These wrong assumptions put men in trouble. Men should know to navigate the potential minefield to assimilate and understand the missing pieces of puzzle called women, nonetheless. BRISIN RECRUITMENT

Tell Her You Love Her! It is a tiring for many men to go for shopping for her items and taking time to help their girlfriends. For most men, some issues appear to go right over their heads many times. In addition, men assume that expressing their emotions once a month or so is just enough! Interestingly, for men, expressing emotion is not their forte unlike women. More often, when it comes to verbal skills, men are not as good communicators as women are. In case of expressing or dealing with their feelings, a man would rather shoot himself than to say a couple of easy words.

Men talk less of emotion! Normally, men, as hunters in stone ages, team up with their friends, watch the sport in a sports bar, and have beer together. All the talks and discussion would mostly revolve around sports, power, and politics, for example. These are nothing emotional for men to talk. Most men would not usually discuss personal matters. In addition, men would not discuss topics related to their family, children, or buying grocery for instance. Rather they prefer to talk about their cars, bikes, for example. Men rarely discuss anything that is emotional and related to their parents, family, children, and relatives. Most men abhor the idea of discussing private topics in front of their male friends.

Women talks more on emotion! Women, on the other hand, want positive reinforcements in a verbal way. That is why if a man happen to say I really like you, honey, a minimum of once a day that goes a great distance in the direction of reinforcing the fact that he actually loves her and everything is good in his relationship. Moreover, women frequently re-assess their relationships, while men assume that if there is not any fight, all the pieces is just fine.

Men need to express explicitly In reality, your girlfriend or spouse has not forgotten the great things you have done for her. However, when you do not continually remind her of your love by saying so, she supposes that you have changed your mind since last time you spoke to her! Remind yourself about this day after day. Be prepared for having your girlfriend expressing her need to speak to you. Moreover, it is not a surprise if she desires to talk about how you do not love her anymore and that she desires to break up! It can be hard to say this every day, however you actually should tell her day-after-day, in so many words, that you love her.

Men to Express emotions more When you have a tough time talking this way, stick a note on a mirror or somewhere she is going to see it. If that is too troublesome for you to do so usually, make a dinner, or take her to movie, refreshing spa, or shopping. This may let her know you still care and that your relationship is still fine.

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