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[edit] Lens Hood

  • The front of the Camera has a Lens Hood; a black, rectangular piece of plastic that slides into the protector surrounding the Camera Lens.

IMG 2006r.jpg

  • When the Camera is not in use, the Lens Hood should be in place to protect the Lens.

IMG 2005r.jpg

[edit] Lens Rings

[edit] Focus Ring

  • The Focus Ring is located directly underneath the camera Microphone.

IMG 2009r.jpg

  • To switch between AUTO and MANUAL Focus, adjust the lever on the Focus Panel.
[edit] Focus Panel

IMG 2010r.jpg

  • If the Focus is set to MANUAL, you can adjust the Focal Depth of the Camera by adjusting the Focus Ring.

IMG 2011r.jpg

  • For particularly difficult subjects, you can use the FOCUS ASSIST button to temporarily zoom even further into the scene in an attempt to focus on a specific detail.

IMG 2012r.jpg

Once Focus Assist is activated, the zoom will disappear after 10 seconds OR you can press the FOCUS ASSIST Button again to immediately deactivate Focus Assist.
  • The ∞ symbol will automatically set the Lens to MF95, or infinity, before switching back to Manual Focus.

[edit] Zoom Ring

  • The Zoom Ring is located behind the Focus Ring.

IMG 2013r.jpg

  • Using the Zoom Buttons, the Zoom is adjusted in two ways: Telephoto (T) or Wide (W).

IMG 2014r.jpg

Telephoto zooms further into the scene and Wide pulls away from the scene.
[edit] Auto VS Manual
  • To switch between AUTO and MANUAL Zoom, adjust the switch located on the front of the Camera, underneath the Lens, labeled ZOOM.

IMG 2015r.jpg

  • SERVO means that the Zoom Ring can be adjusted using the Zoom Button located in two different places on the Camera

IMG 2014r.jpg

On the top of the handle.


By the Hand Strap of the Camera.
  • MANU means that you can zoom in and and out by rotating the Zoom Ring.
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