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This section describes how to adjust the audio coming into the Camera, whether it be through the Internal Mic or an External Device or Mic.


[edit] Internal Mic

The Camera used by the New Media comes with an Internal Mic located directly above the Lens Ring.

IMG 2048r.jpg

  • This can be turned on or off on the Audio Panel.
  • If you want to use another source of audio either in place of or in conjunction with the Internal Mic, this Camera has a section to which external devices can be connected.

[edit] Inputs

This Camera has two cable inputs for external audio devices (wireless mics, boom mic, etc) labeled INPUT 1 and INPUT 2, both having a small white triangle pointing in the direction of the actual inputs.

IMG 2049r.jpg

  • Above the INPUT text is a switch with the labels LINE and MIC; this gives you the option of using that specific input for audio equipment (LINE) or an external microphone (MIC).

[edit] Line

[edit] Mic

[edit] Audio Panel

The Audio Panel is located underneath the LCD Screen.
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