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Course Project/Internship
CISC 298 01CompTIA Security+ Certification
CISC 498Computer Server
INSC 498 02Constructing a Microbial Fuel Cell
BTEC 498Content of Potato Virus Y and its geographical origin in commercially avaialbe potatoes at Harrisburg grocery stores
BTEC 298Create a Hand-On Modeling Kit for Concepts or Structures of Nanostructures
MEBA 498Creating Marketing Campaigns
INSC 498 01Crime Scene Investigation: Biological Collection and Preservation
LTMS 699d'Vinci Interactive Orientation
INSC 498Degrading Plastic: Which does it best?
INSC 298Dermestid Beetles Feeding on Carrion (Project Change 11.10.2015)
IMED 298Design of a digital video game
CISC 498 01Designing a JRPG - Game Development
IMED 298Developing a Digital Game: Understanding the Process
CISC 498Development of a 3D Environment - PA State Museum
IMED 298Development of a Game