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Course Project/Internship
BTEC 298 02Biosensors for Food Manufacturing
INCS 498 01Blood Preserving Chemicals and Their Effects
INSC 298 02Blood Stain Removal
IMED 498Branding Materials for National Organization
BTEC 498Bringing Nano to the Classroom - AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) LEGGO MindStorm Model
CISC 298 01Build a Personal Computer
INSC 498Building a functional Quad-Copter
CISC 298Building a Hackintosh
LTMS 699Building a Prototype Immersive Application for Pain Distraction
GSTC 298Building Footprint Creator
GSTC 298Building Footprint Creator
IMED 298Building the video environment using Maya
ANLY 298Business Intelligence - CBC Residency
MEBA 298Business Plan for a Start-up Carpentry Firm
MEBA 498Business Process Patterns in Healthcare