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Course Project/Internship
CISC 298 03Analyze, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Test a Solar Array System
INSC 498 02Analyzing Blood Spatter/Blood Photography
CISC 298Analyzing Computer Security
CISC 498Analyzing Intrusion Techniques with a Honeypot
INSC 498 02Animal Behavior and Evolution Research/Lab Assistant
CISC 298 02Applications in Art and Animation
INSC 498Aquatic Insect Biological Assay Techniques
CISC 498Automated Battery Monitoring System for HU WCU eBike Charging Station
INSC 298Automated Windshield Wiper - Research
IMED 298Becoming a Film Maker - Video Development
INSC 498Behavioral Differences Between Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
INSC 498 02Behavioral Genetics of Funnel Spiders
INSC 298 02Behaviors in Dogs
INSC 298 01Biochemical Causes of Mental Health Problems
INSC 298 02Biological Evidence