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Course Project/Internship
CISC 498 01"The 3D Avatar" as Source Film Animation
GSTC 2981929 Harrisburg
CISC 2983D Modeling Architecture/Blueprints
IMED 2983D Modeling Strawberry Square
IMED 298A Business & Marketing Plan for McKenna Interactive
INSC 298 02A Nation into Regeneration
GTSC 298A Quantitative Study of the Population Information in Relation to Reds Wine and Spirits
INSC 298 01A Study of Unattended Drug Deaths in Dauphin County
CISC 298 02A Technological Mind - Freshman Survey Website
INSC 498Adventure of the Woman's Anatomy - Pregnancy
INSC 498Algae Into Biofuels
INSC 298 02Almost Unsolvable Crime
INSC 498Alternative Lighting for Harrisburg, using Ecofriendly ways
CISC 498An Investigation of the Target Security Breach
MEBA 298 01Analysis of Business Process Comprehension Games