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I’m Tyler. I’m working on demonstrating a light/dark stealth mechanic using the recently Open-Sourced, Godot Engine, developed by Okam Studios. My goal is to demonstrate the use of shadows and cover to avoid detection from an enemy of sorts; similar to Mark of the Ninja or Stealth Inc.

This mechanic, the way I will be implementing it, will use a player character, enemies, and the environment to create the necessity for stealth. The one example I have in my mind, is a 2D side-scrolling platformer in which there’s an enemy camera/spotlight shining down onto the floor from the ceiling. In the room, there would be a platform that can be walked under and the player must walk through the room without being detected by avoiding the camera’s/spotlight’s view. The picture below may illustrate my point a bit better. I actually just started really working on this today. I put in a few hours getting reacquainted with the engine and getting the small things working. I’ve actually gotten the platformer movement down (minus jumping for now), and the camera swivels. My next task will be the raycasting part. Fun.


My aim is to recreate a scene similar to the one pictured above to demonstrate my mechanic.

Plan of Attack:

  1. Get familiar with writing code in Godot
  2. Write code to allow Side to side movement for a player
  3. Code for camera to pivot side to side
  4. Code for Raycasting
  5. Code for Shadows
  6. End conditions

This should be interesting.