Start of Second Week

Today I finished a fallen tree model (picture at the very bottom) and started working on a mushroom vine tree. There was need for a high polygon model as well as a low poly model. The picture on the top is the low poly model with alpha textured vines and the picture on the bottom is the high poly model with cylinder vines.

When creating the tree, I created an 8-sided cylinder to make it easier to work with as well as using less sides because  low-polygon models need\ as less polygons as possible. I first created the trunk and the branches using cylinders and then used my own creativity to make the tree branches curve outwards using references from the original sketch. After finishing the trunk and branches, I made a 4 x 4 plane to use for the mushroom pads. I selected the middle vertex with soft selection on and slightly transformed it up to give it the pad look to it. Next, I selected the outside vertices to make the square plane more circular.

After playing around with the vertices for a while, I applied a color texture to the pad and applied them to the tree.

For the high-poly model, I took everything including the vines and smoothed everything.

Mushroom Tree A (With Layer Vines)Mushroom Tree A (High Poly)

Fallen Tree A




Updated Vine Tree

Vine1 Vine2


Today I was able to finish my broken tree model by completing the normal texture and also by adding some color.

The model looks 10x better and I’m happy with how it turned out.

I decided to re-map the whole tree because my previous technique caused clipping between the base and the actual trunk. The new map is a solid square and, although the mapping took longer then expected, the end result and ease of texturing was invaluable and I’m positive that I saved time in the long run.

I submitted this and two other models that I plan on showcasing over the weekend to the rest of team.

Lewis and I are both making great progress and we’ve definitely made this week a productive one. We can’t wait to spend more time helping the team and learning new skills at the same time.

Until next week.



First Week Completed

This week has been a huge learning process for me. So far I’ve learned more about texturing with Maya, Photoshop and Illustrator using Alphas, different layers and transparency values as well as working on learning more about planar mapping.

I have completed one model (Flower C) so far but I plan to work more on it depending on the feedback that I receive from the team this Sunday. I am currently working on a fallen tree concept to take a break from layering flower models and that involves learning more about planar mapping and making sure that I understand it so that I can apply it to other models that are being textured.

Next week should be even better and I should be able to produce more models that week since I have a better idea on what I need to do. I know that I am going to ask the team if I need to focus on texturing, producing defined models with low poly counts or both. Depending on what they decide for me to do, I will focus on that on the upcoming models that I will be making.

Until next week!



Updated “Flower A” Model

After adding planes instead of individual polys as the petals ( saving poly count in the long run), changing their different sizes and shapes to look more lifelike and give the plant more individuality, the picture below is the outcome. I also made a plane and manipulated the different vertices to produced the dirt under the plant as well as placed a bump map on it to give more life to the soil it’s growing in.

Overall, this week has been very productive. I have been collaborating with Cody to figure out the texturing method that I am using to make foliage and different leaf textures. Dave also came in today to check on our progress with what we have worked on so far in the past 4 days. We have been moving at a steady pace and we have lots of artwork to create and work on. This is a learning process as well as an experience that I am grateful for. I’m excited to see what is to come for the following weeks to come.


Flower A

Step by Step

Today has been quite a productive day. I began by starting work on a new type of tree model that is different than the one’s I’ve modeled so far. This one is broken off at the top so although it doesn’t require as much vegetation, I still needed to create it in a way that makes the stump look solid and organic. It also has a number of vines running up and down the bark.

After taking care of the trunk, I wasn’t sure how to add the vines until I discovered that it would be easier to add a normal map to the base and trunk of tree. Although it took some experimenting in Photoshop, I found a technique that produced decent looking vines and added the texture to the base of the stump. I expect to finish and add the rest of the texturing for the second half of the tree tomorrow so as to have it presentable for our weekly Qbots group call on Sundays.



Here you can see a preview of what the vines look like on on the base, and eventually on the whole stump. Between now and then is a very iterative and “step-by-step” process but I’m excited to build something new and learn some great techniques along the way.

That’s all for today.


So Far So Good…

Everything is going great so far in our internship. Below is a flower that I created with multiple petals curved outward to give the flower the impression that it has bloomed while the other has not bloomed yet. Cody has recommended me to take away the petals and use a texture on a plane since the planes have less faces and the curved polygons now have a lot of faces that might not be able to be inserted in the Voxel engine. I will continue to come back and edit it as much as needed so that way it meets the needs for the engine and design purposes. I plan on changing each of the petals to planes so that I can modify them and get rid as many faces as possible.

DualFlower A

First Day Completed

The first day of our internship has been completed and I can already assume that the entire experience will be educational, opportunistic, and collaborative. I can’t wait to spend more time working with Dave, Cody, and the rest of the team at Qbots!

Today, Lewis and I were assigned to model certain environmental assets which included trees, vines, flowers, and other organic models. I got started working on a tall and skinny tree model but after some review discovered that the number of polygons would be too high for the game to handle. I then took a different approach by reducing the amount of faces for each cylinder that made up the tree. This alone cut the poly-count by more than half. Aside from then, I paid slightly less attention to detail when creating the trunk to further decrease the amount of polygons for a single tree.

I also learned a new technique to better model each branch of the tree:

Instead of creating a brand new cylinder for each branch and simply placing it through the trunk, I cut out an equal number of faces from the tree and from there I was able to bridge the polygon borders from from another cylinder placed slightly outside the tree. This method saves time and polygons and I’m sure will be a useful asset in the future.

That’s all for today.


First Day!

Today was the first day of our internship! We learned more about what assets we are going to be making. Our first assignment was to start working on some of the foliage and terrain assets for the Qbots game such as trees, vines and flowers. I have started on the flower for my first asset. Arie has started making a tree with hanging vines. These assets do not have to be rushed but Dave requested that these assets should be done soon rather than later so we will be working on one model at a time while getting feedback from Dave, Cody and the other team members. This will be a great learning experience for Arie and I and we are looking forward to collaborating with Dave and the rest of the team.

Look forward for more from us for updates on the internship and the projects we will be working on!


3D Summer Internship

Qbots Logo

Our internship is with a video game company named QBots. Arie and Lewis are both creating 3D model assets for the video game. They are making foliage and terrain assets as well as helping the team with any type of rigging and animation that the rest of the team may need assistance with. This blog will keep you updated on what they are creating, pictures and files of the created assets and blogs posts about updates with the internship.