Final Week

This week, since Monday was Memorial day and we were invited to a banquet fundraiser by Doug, we were not able to get as much hours in this week as we have done in past weeks but we were able to create assets that Courtland (QBots concept artist) sent us that weren’t trees or flowers. They were different things such as a auto-turret, drop pod, and energy cubes. I decided to work on the auto-turret and the drop pod.

The drop pod turned out nicely (especially since it took less time to create than any of the other assets that I have worked on for the entirety of the internship). The auto-turret also turned out nicely. With help from Charles, I was able to figure out a better realistic feel for the weapons on the turret.

This internship was a great opportunity and I’m glad that I was able to be a part of it. It allowed me to hone my skills and learn more about 3D modeling and working in a group of people that is spread throughout the US.

Until next time!




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