Final Update

Today is the final day of our internship in which we create new models for Qbots!

I completed an animation for the energy cube where a few cubes rotate around the main cube, much like the model of molecules revolving around an atom although not as fast. The main cube bobs up and down which encourages the player to pick it up and the pace at which the whole model moves matches the flow of the game. It was a great change of pace from trees and other environmental assets I’ve been focusing on for the rest of the month.

I’ve submitted the last of my models to the team and I’ve proud with how far Lewis and I have come throughout this experience. Although it wasn’t TOO long, we both learned a lot and consider the internship as a whole to greatly benefit our future as well as who we are as 3D artists in the present.

All that’s left now is possible clean-up of some existing models and some congregation with rest of Qbots to see what are next step will be.

I’m feel enlightened to have completed my internship and, as stated, positive that my future will greatly benefit from the time I put in this month.

Thanks for keeping up with our updates and rooting us on the whole way. We know there’s tons of you out there rooting for us!

Until next semester,


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