Week 4: Remodeled Fallen Trees and Drop Pod

This week is the last week that I will be making models for QBots. I have been making different variations of fallen tree models and being able to have different models to place in the game will make the environment feel more lifelike.

The fallen tree below is the model that I created today making the tree upright and then cutting faces, separating the two objects to make them individual, and the rotated the tree to make it seem broken and fallen over.

The drop pod was a “relief model” that I started working on to take a break from working on trees. This model took me about an hour to create. I used the multi-cut tool to cut some of the faces to extrude in for the screen on the front and give the bottom extruding edges of the drop pod to give it more originality. I also duplicated some small cylinders on the top and made difference booleans to give indentations on the top of the pod.

Drop Pod Fallen Tree 1.1 Fallen Tree 1

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