Tree Development

My Alder Trees are coming along nicely. Here you can see some differences from the first tree I modeled compared to one of the most recent:






The newer models have much better foliage from 360 degrees and also make better use of faces and tris. After modelling numerous versions of the same tree, I can safely say I’ve developed the best methods available.

Instead of simply combining 3-4 planes with a single texture, the new method uses multiple planes with a smaller texture included on each one. This gives the illusion of density near the center of the tree and less density around the edges from any angle, just like in real life.

Another model I’ve been able to work on (thankfully) besides trees is an energy cube that’s meant to be scattered across the world. It was interesting to experiment with different translucent and diffuse effects in order to get the effect I was looking for.



If needed, I could easily think of numerous animation ideas to implement in order to make the pick-up more attractive to the player, fits the world, etc.

That’s all for today.



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