Closed Flower Progress

The flower is looking pretty good so far. I had to use my imagination for the foliage for the inside of the flower so I used a photoshop leaf texture and placed it around the inside of the flower so that it looked full and more life-like.

The only problem that I am having is with the petals. I originally made a layer, created sub-divisions, and modified the vertices so that it looked more like the petal in the concept art. After that, I added a bend deformation to give it more of a curved look and then added a wave deformation to have to curl inwards to give the impression of the flower being closed. After applying the deformations, I duplicated the layer and it started deforming on it’s on; even after I deleted its history. One of the petals likes to scale itself outward and move the vertices so it is more difficult to fix and modify.

Flower C (Problem 2) Flower C (Problem 1)

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