Fallen Trees Completed

Today I have finished some of the fallen tree assets that will be in the game, I’ve made different variations of the fallen trees so that way if there are many of them throughout the game world, they can be different trees spread around rather than just one and have it be replicated.

I created the branches by using cylinders and doing a difference boolean to add the cylinders and connect them to the whole tree so that it is all one object and it’ll have less faces.

For the color scheme, I used a checked pattern and applied a texture to the black and white placeholders. I added a green texture to the black side and a wood texture to the white side. Then, I raised the alpha offset so that the colors blended together rather than showing the edges of the model. I played with that for a while until i found a texture pattern that I liked. I applied different wood textures to each tree and darker and lighter greens as well to complement the wood texture’s color.

Fallen Tree Variations

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