Week 2 Comes to an End

A long and productive week comes to an end as I submit three more models for the team today.

1. Alder Tree D

2. Vine Plant B (Textured)

3. Vine Plant B (Highpoly)

Although this week has been more challenging than the past one, I feel relieved that I’ve been able to accomplish what I’ve done. I’ve learned some great techniques ¬†on how to more convincingly model foliage and since our max-polycount has been raised, that certainly helps.

Experimenting with low and highpoly versions of the same model is an interesting experience and I’m sure I’ll learn more about those and AO passes in the time to come.

Next week’s work includes removing some N-gons from previous models and starting work on new Alder Trees. I’m glad to have learned so many methods from this internship already. I’m confident that this is truly a great experience and one I don’t take for granted.

Until next week.


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