End of Week Two

This wee, I’ve been working on mushroom tree with the high polygonal version of the model and the model that just has textured layers applied to it as the vines. I created a fallen tree model last week and was able to get feedback from Dave about it on Wednesday and he liked it but wanted more originality and everything to be on different planes such as the branches and to make everything less symmetrical. After taking his advice, I created a second model and he liked that one even more.

Next week, I will work on creating different versions of the fallen tree model and start working on the rest of the flower models. Since Cody has given us a larger benchmark for polys and tris, we will be able to make the models look more realistic inside of planar and basic.

See you on week three.



Mushroom Tree A (High Poly) Mushroom Tree A (With Layer Vines)

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