Week 2

Today’s work included working on a new set of trees for the team known as “Alder Trees”. They’re massive trees in scale to a Qbot but their construction is relatively simple.

Like my previous tree models, I started building the trunk from the ground up ignoring other branches and only focusing on the main “stalk”. Then I focus on moving and editing certain edges and vertices to make it look less cylindrical and more like an actual tree.

Next I start work on the branches using the same Bridge technique as in my previous trees. This method still helps save time and polygons so I consider it very useful.

After the tree is modeled, I can turn my attention to creating and eventually placing the leaves among the various branches which is my favorite part because it allows me to see the final product of my work!


Although similar to previous models, this and every other tree is unique.

For the rest of this week, I plan on continuing to develop different variations of Alder Trees.

That’s all for today.



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