Start of Second Week

Today I finished a fallen tree model (picture at the very bottom) and started working on a mushroom vine tree. There was need for a high polygon model as well as a low poly model. The picture on the top is the low poly model with alpha textured vines and the picture on the bottom is the high poly model with cylinder vines.

When creating the tree, I created an 8-sided cylinder to make it easier to work with as well as using less sides because  low-polygon models need\ as less polygons as possible. I first created the trunk and the branches using cylinders and then used my own creativity to make the tree branches curve outwards using references from the original sketch. After finishing the trunk and branches, I made a 4 x 4 plane to use for the mushroom pads. I selected the middle vertex with soft selection on and slightly transformed it up to give it the pad look to it. Next, I selected the outside vertices to make the square plane more circular.

After playing around with the vertices for a while, I applied a color texture to the pad and applied them to the tree.

For the high-poly model, I took everything including the vines and smoothed everything.

Mushroom Tree A (With Layer Vines)Mushroom Tree A (High Poly)

Fallen Tree A




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