Updated “Flower A” Model

After adding planes instead of individual polys as the petals ( saving poly count in the long run), changing their different sizes and shapes to look more lifelike and give the plant more individuality, the picture below is the outcome. I also made a plane and manipulated the different vertices to produced the dirt under the plant as well as placed a bump map on it to give more life to the soil it’s growing in.

Overall, this week has been very productive. I have been collaborating with Cody to figure out the texturing method that I am using to make foliage and different leaf textures. Dave also came in today to check on our progress with what we have worked on so far in the past 4 days. We have been moving at a steady pace and we have lots of artwork to create and work on. This is a learning process as well as an experience that I am grateful for. I’m excited to see what is to come for the following weeks to come.


Flower A

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