Step by Step

Today has been quite a¬†productive day. I began by starting work on a new type of tree model that is different than the one’s I’ve modeled so far. This one is broken off at the top so although it doesn’t require as much vegetation, I still needed to create it in a way that makes the stump look solid and organic. It also has a number of vines running up and down the bark.

After taking care of the trunk, I wasn’t sure how to add the vines until I discovered that it would be easier to add a normal map to the base and trunk of tree. Although it took some experimenting in Photoshop, I found a technique that produced decent looking vines and added the texture to the base of the stump. I expect to finish and add the rest of the texturing for the second half of the tree tomorrow so as to have it presentable for¬†our weekly Qbots group call on Sundays.



Here you can see a preview of what the vines look like on on the base, and eventually on the whole stump. Between now and then is a very iterative and “step-by-step” process but I’m excited to build something new and learn some great techniques along the way.

That’s all for today.


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