First Day Completed

The first day of our internship has been completed and I can already assume that the entire experience will be educational, opportunistic, and collaborative. I can’t wait to spend more time working with Dave, Cody, and the rest of the team at Qbots!

Today, Lewis and I were assigned to model certain environmental assets which included trees, vines, flowers, and other organic models. I got started working on a tall and skinny tree model but after some review discovered that the number of polygons would be too high for the game to handle. I then took a different approach by reducing the amount of faces for each cylinder that made up the tree. This alone cut the poly-count by more than half. Aside from then, I paid slightly less attention to detail when creating the trunk to further decrease the amount of polygons for a single tree.

I also learned a new technique to better model each branch of the tree:

Instead of creating a brand new cylinder for each branch and simply placing it through the trunk, I cut out an equal number of faces from the tree and from there I was able to bridge the polygon borders from from another cylinder placed slightly outside the tree. This method saves time and polygons and I’m sure will be a useful asset in the future.

That’s all for today.


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