3D Summer Internship

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Our internship is with a video game company named QBots. Arie and Lewis are both creating 3D model assets for the video game. They are making foliage and terrain assets as well as helping the team with any type of rigging and animation that the rest of the team may need assistance with. This blog will keep you updated on what they are creating, pictures and files of the created assets and blogs posts about updates with the internship.

Final Week

This week, since Monday was Memorial day and we were invited to a banquet fundraiser by Doug, we were not able to get as much hours in this week as we have done in past weeks but we were able to create assets that Courtland (QBots concept artist) sent us that weren’t trees or flowers. They were different things such as a auto-turret, drop pod, and energy cubes. I decided to work on the auto-turret and the drop pod.

The drop pod turned out nicely (especially since it took less time to create than any of the other assets that I have worked on for the entirety of the internship). The auto-turret also turned out nicely. With help from Charles, I was able to figure out a better realistic feel for the weapons on the turret.

This internship was a great opportunity and I’m glad that I was able to be a part of it. It allowed me to hone my skills and learn more about 3D modeling and working in a group of people that is spread throughout the US.

Until next time!




Final Update

Today is the final day of our internship in which we create new models for Qbots!

I completed an animation for the energy cube where a few cubes rotate around the main cube, much like the model of molecules revolving around an atom although not as fast. The main cube bobs up and down which encourages the player to pick it up and the pace at which the whole model moves matches the flow of the game. It was a great change of pace from trees and other environmental assets I’ve been focusing on for the rest of the month.

I’ve submitted the last of my models to the team and I’ve proud with how far Lewis and I have come throughout this experience. Although it wasn’t TOO long, we both learned a lot and consider the internship as a whole to greatly benefit our future as well as who we are as 3D artists in the present.

All that’s left now is possible clean-up of some existing models and some congregation with rest of Qbots to see what are next step will be.

I’m feel enlightened to have completed my internship and, as stated, positive that my future will greatly benefit from the time I put in this month.

Thanks for keeping up with our updates and rooting us on the whole way. We know there’s tons of you out there rooting for us!

Until next semester,


Week 4: Remodeled Fallen Trees and Drop Pod

This week is the last week that I will be making models for QBots. I have been making different variations of fallen tree models and being able to have different models to place in the game will make the environment feel more lifelike.

The fallen tree below is the model that I created today making the tree upright and then cutting faces, separating the two objects to make them individual, and the rotated the tree to make it seem broken and fallen over.

The drop pod was a “relief model” that I started working on to take a break from working on trees. This model took me about an hour to create. I used the multi-cut tool to cut some of the faces to extrude in for the screen on the front and give the bottom extruding edges of the drop pod to give it more originality. I also duplicated some small cylinders on the top and made difference booleans to give indentations on the top of the pod.

Drop Pod Fallen Tree 1.1 Fallen Tree 1

Tree Development

My Alder Trees are coming along nicely. Here you can see some differences from the first tree I modeled compared to one of the most recent:






The newer models have much better foliage from 360 degrees and also make better use of faces and tris. After modelling numerous versions of the same tree, I can safely say I’ve developed the best methods available.

Instead of simply combining 3-4 planes with a single texture, the new method uses multiple planes with a smaller texture included on each one. This gives the illusion of density near the center of the tree and less density around the edges from any angle, just like in real life.

Another model I’ve been able to work on (thankfully) besides trees is an energy cube that’s meant to be scattered across the world. It was interesting to experiment with different translucent and diffuse effects in order to get the effect I was looking for.



If needed, I could easily think of numerous animation ideas to implement in order to make the pick-up more attractive to the player, fits the world, etc.

That’s all for today.



Closed Flower Progress

The flower is looking pretty good so far. I had to use my imagination for the foliage for the inside of the flower so I used a photoshop leaf texture and placed it around the inside of the flower so that it looked full and more life-like.

The only problem that I am having is with the petals. I originally made a layer, created sub-divisions, and modified the vertices so that it looked more like the petal in the concept art. After that, I added a bend deformation to give it more of a curved look and then added a wave deformation to have to curl inwards to give the impression of the flower being closed. After applying the deformations, I duplicated the layer and it started deforming on it’s on; even after I deleted its history. One of the petals likes to scale itself outward and move the vertices so it is more difficult to fix and modify.

Flower C (Problem 2) Flower C (Problem 1)

Alder Tree Progress

As I said last week, I’m mainly focusing on modeling different types of the same Alder Tree that will be placed into the game. The idea is that the models bear similar resemblance but don’t look identical, which may make the game feel “cheaper” or “like plastic”.

The main differences on each will be the trunk and this is also the space where I’m allowed to express the most creative freedom. Being the largest type of tree model, they should resemble a strong, thick oak-like trunk with minimal branching.

The canopies are all relatively the same and their construction will vary less than the trunks will, respectively.

Pictures to follow!

That’s all for today.


Fallen Trees Completed

Today I have finished some of the fallen tree assets that will be in the game, I’ve made different variations of the fallen trees so that way if there are many of them throughout the game world, they can be different trees spread around rather than just one and have it be replicated.

I created the branches by using cylinders and doing a difference boolean to add the cylinders and connect them to the whole tree so that it is all one object and it’ll have less faces.

For the color scheme, I used a checked pattern and applied a texture to the black and white placeholders. I added a green texture to the black side and a wood texture to the white side. Then, I raised the alpha offset so that the colors blended together rather than showing the edges of the model. I played with that for a while until i found a texture pattern that I liked. I applied different wood textures to each tree and darker and lighter greens as well to complement the wood texture’s color.

Fallen Tree Variations

End of Week Two

This wee, I’ve been working on mushroom tree with the high polygonal version of the model and the model that just has textured layers applied to it as the vines. I created a fallen tree model last week and was able to get feedback from Dave about it on Wednesday and he liked it but wanted more originality and everything to be on different planes such as the branches and to make everything less symmetrical. After taking his advice, I created a second model and he liked that one even more.

Next week, I will work on creating different versions of the fallen tree model and start working on the rest of the flower models. Since Cody has given us a larger benchmark for polys and tris, we will be able to make the models look more realistic inside of planar and basic.

See you on week three.



Mushroom Tree A (High Poly) Mushroom Tree A (With Layer Vines)

Week 2 Comes to an End

A long and productive week comes to an end as I submit three more models for the team today.

1. Alder Tree D

2. Vine Plant B (Textured)

3. Vine Plant B (Highpoly)

Although this week has been more challenging than the past one, I feel relieved that I’ve been able to accomplish what I’ve done. I’ve learned some great techniques  on how to more convincingly model foliage and since our max-polycount has been raised, that certainly helps.

Experimenting with low and highpoly versions of the same model is an interesting experience and I’m sure I’ll learn more about those and AO passes in the time to come.

Next week’s work includes removing some N-gons from previous models and starting work on new Alder Trees. I’m glad to have learned so many methods from this internship already. I’m confident that this is truly a great experience and one I don’t take for granted.

Until next week.


Week 2

Today’s work included working on a new set of trees for the team known as “Alder Trees”. They’re massive trees in scale to a Qbot but their construction is relatively simple.

Like my previous tree models, I started building the trunk from the ground up ignoring other branches and only focusing on the main “stalk”. Then I focus on moving and editing certain edges and vertices to make it look less cylindrical and more like an actual tree.

Next I start work on the branches using the same Bridge technique as in my previous trees. This method still helps save time and polygons so I consider it very useful.

After the tree is modeled, I can turn my attention to creating and eventually placing the leaves among the various branches which is my favorite part because it allows me to see the final product of my work!


Although similar to previous models, this and every other tree is unique.

For the rest of this week, I plan on continuing to develop different variations of Alder Trees.

That’s all for today.